Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette Review

Hello lovelies! May is here and Too Faced just released recently a few weeks ago their Too Faced Loves Sephora 15 Years of Beauty Palette as a new limited edition exclusive to Sephora.  Phew, that’s a mouthful of a name for a palette! I was so excited about seeing this that I knew it had to be mine.

IMG_6902           IMG_6903

This little bad boy has $245 USD worth of product for a smooth $52 USD.  Numbers are just numbers so let me count the number of goodies this palette contains in its slim case adorably modeled after Sephora’s recognizable black and white stripes.  You might have to sit down for this because this palette smorgasbord has ten full-sized 0.06 oz of eyeshadow, two 0.14 oz bronzers in Chocolate Soleil and Sun Bunny, 0.14 oz of Who’s Your Poppy blush, a 0.11 oz travel-sized tube of Shadow Insurance Primer, an adorable travel-sized flat kabuki brush, and an instructional Glamour Guide booklet with 15 different looks using this palette.  Too Faced truly does love Sephora.  This, I warn you, is going to be a swatch-tastic review of epic proportions.


Be still my beating heart, look at all that product in a streamlined metal palette.  It’s all cruelty-free and formulated without parabens for the conscientious user. This is not as BIG as Too Faced’s 2012 holiday Sweet Indulgence palette that I reviewed a while back but it’s still worth every penny and more from all the goodies Too Faced snuck into this slim metal case making this a much more travel-friendly palette built with literally all you need aside from your foundation for a trip.




So much shadow-lisciousness in one tin.  These shadows came out awesome in swatching.  Here are all the lovelies laid out in a row left to right: Piano Keys, So Cal, TF Hearts The Cast, Jer Jer, 525 Market, Beyond the Counter, Soho, Envy, David & Marg, and 1998.  I couldn’t resist swatching these a couple of times and taking pictures outside so you can see just how the light reflects on these powerfully pigmented shades varying from soft satin finishes to frosty shimmer delights but no true mattes in this palette.  They all have that silky smooth texture and wear amazingly well for a full 8-hour day over primer with no creasing or fading much like what you would expect from Too Faced with no noticeable fallout.  Let’s explore these colors further!


Here I have swatched left to right in chunks: Piano Keys, So Cal, Behind the Counter, and Soho.  Piano Keys is a lovely beige colored highlight that I THOUGHT would be matte but closer inspection I saw little flecks of glitter that give this a velvet finish.  Definitely beautiful and subtle without looking like a glitter bomb.  So Cal appears as a soft blushing pink with a pearl luster.  Behind the Counter is a taupe with a satin finish.  Finally Soho is a frosted mauve. 


Second set of eyeshadow swatches are: TF Heart’s The Cast, Jer Jer, and 525 Market.  TF Heart’s The Cast is a metallic gold but not in a traditional golden shade…it comes off to me like raw gold ore where it’s not the shade you find in processed, pure gold.  It’s an awkward explanation but the way light hits it outside in natural lighting gives it an unprocessed ore look that washes out the gold making it almost come out like a metallic graphite but indoor lighting brought out the pale gold undertones that you see in the pan.  Jer Jer is more straightforward shade in a bold metallic coppery-gold.  525 Market is another bold mettalic in a pure reddish copper.


Third set is Envy, David & Marg, and 1998.  Envy is a glam dark purple with a shimmer finish.  David & Marg is a bright metallic teal.  I just want to line my lids in that blue, it’s so hot.  1998 is a hot pink with glitter.



Next up are Too Faced’s amazing blush and bronzer set.  Left to right in swatching is Chocolate Soleil, Sun Bunny split into the upper light shade, the lower dark shade, and a blended swatch of both colors.  The fifth and final one is a swatch of Who’s Your Poppy blush.  As soon as I opened up my tin I was hit with that yummy smell of Chocolate Soleil and unlike my deluxe sample compact, the fragrance lingers longer on my skin.  It’s amazing but some folks may find scented products a turn-off.  I love Chocolate Soleil not just for its amazing scent but because it’s the perfect brown matte bronzer shade for contouring as well as giving you a natural summer glow with no orange undertones.  Very pigmented as it is, just use a light touch to make this perfect for both fair to medium skin tones.  Sun Bunny is a shimmer bronze with some orange undertone so fair skin tones may prefer to use the lighter shade by itself (second swatch) versus the darker half (third swatch) which is better suited for medium tones.  You can blend both for a strong, coppery tone (fourth swatch) but use lightly and tap off excess on your brush or you may come out too orange.

Finally, Who’s Your Poppy is a beautiful blush on the fifth swatch bar that is VERY close to Nars Orgasm but just a touch more of a natural peach flush that it looks very flattering.  It’s a rare comparison that I make to Nars Orgasm because I’m in that rare camp that Orgasm appears a little unflattering or unnatural on my medium skin tone.  I know, it’s unfair but I can deal.  Who’s Your Poppy just happens to be that right shade that has the same effect on my skin tone that I envied in how awesome Orgasm appeared on other women.  It’s like I finally get to enjoy the shade that everyone else gets to but just for a wee bit less on my pocket book.  Again, this I can deal.  😀


The final bits of the palette is the flat kabuki brush and the mini eyeshadow primer in Shadow Insurance.  The brush is a cute addition and the bristles are very, very soft.  It’s made with Too Faced’s infamous “Teddy Bear Hair” synthetic bristles.  I prefer my brushes a little stiffer for blush and bronzer application but it’s a nice addition even if it may not get a lot of use from me.  The primer is a very solid addition to round out this bad boy and will give you the same coverage as say Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.  It’s one of those “po-TAY-to po-TA-to” deals as far as eyeshadow primers go that both Shadow Insurance and Primer Potion work similar enough that it becomes an intense debate among primer fan camps.


In addition to the other goodies above, Too Faced includes a dual-sided Glamour Guide booklet of 15 different looks front to back so this gives you a plethora of styles to pick from if you’re not sure how to use this palette.  You’ll find there is a lot to choose with everything under the sun you can do from soft, neutral day looks to some playful dabbling in colors before going all out with some sultry hot smokey eyes and daring glam rocker looks.  Seriously, if you have no idea what to do with these or wondered how to do a certain look, Too Faced walks you by the hand making sure you enjoy the heck out of this palette or at least inspire you to try something different with your look so nothing goes to waste.

Overall this is an awesome limited edition palette that I highly recommend picking up. Its overall value alone combined with its flattering selection of products make this phenomenal across the board for a variety of skin types.  The blush is just universally flattering in a shimmery peach.  I love that they gave you both a classic brown matte bronzer which works so well for contouring and is so very flattering.  The dual shimmer bronzer is also nice by giving you both tri-fold shimmer options with the light/dark halves or the choice to blend both together so this bronzer is very flexible for most skin types.  Combine that with an amazing selection of silky smooth eyeshadow, I couldn’t find a dud among them and didn’t find any fallout problems.  They’re just such gorgeous colors and nothing is overwhelming with your Glamour Guide at your side to ease you in to all there is to play with in this palette.

That is all, my lovelies!  I hope you folks get to play with this palette and let me know what you thought of this new palette in the comments below.


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